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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Customizable Pendant, great idea for a self-gift!

Tahara Jewelry offers a wide range of customizable jewelry items. This pendant was a re-creation for one of our customers, Lisa.

Lisa came in one day with a pair of Garnet Earrings and a beautiful Diamond Ring, and she wanted to create a special piece out of them so that she can wear them again!

Michael's idea was to design a special pendant, using the Garnet stones from the earrings, and combine the ring's head design and the diamonds to be in the center of the pendant.

This pendant is a great inspiration and an option for people who want to create something special, or for those who want to find a way to preserve their old jewelry. Tahara offers this pendant for special orders, and it can be done in any size, gemstone of your choice, and in 14kt, 18kt Gold or Platinum metal type.

Come visit Tahara Jewelry today in Montclair, NJ. Or give us a call at (201) 507-0009. To discuss your options for this pendant, and to get an estimated price. We can always work around your budget.

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