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Lab-grown diamond high color and clarity VVS1, H

Lab-Grown Diamond

Marquise Engagement Ring with Lab Grown Diamonds by Tahara

Is a lab-grown diamond a real diamond?

Lab Grown Diamond at Tahara

Although they were developed in a lab, lab-grown diamonds are identical to diamonds mined from the Earth. They display the same fire, sparkle, and brilliance as mined diamonds and share the same chemical, physical, and optical properties.

Pear Shape Engagement Ring Clustered and Twisted Shank, Lab Grown Diamonds and Designed by Tahara

The Value

Lab-grown diamonds are quite affordable. Compared to natural diamonds of equivalent size and quality, they are more affordable.

Our engagement rings come in a variety of stone sizes, (1 Ct, 2 Ct, 3 Ct). Available in 14Kt, 18Kt Yellow, White, and Rose gold and Platinum to fit any style or budget requirements.

Engagement Ring Lab Grown Diamond by Tahara
Handmade, Customized

We take pride in crafting each piece to the highest standards, ensuring that you pick the perfect ring for your special day. Our experts are available to assist with any customization needs, and we guarantee you'll love the final result.

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Oval Shaped Lab Grown Diamond Center Stone Engagement Ring by Tahara
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